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Hidden fees As mentioned above, plenty of people have complained about hidden fees when adding money to Skrill. This is more of a consumer issue, but if it can happen to them, it can happen to merchants. Read your statements and the terms of service. Difficulty adding accounts Those who want to link a bank account to their Skrill account seem to encounter trouble doing so, and the process can take an excessive amount of time to resolve.

Painful verification process Understandably, Skrill needs to verify its customers and merchants identities. However, the process for this tends to long and drawn out. Skrill wants a lot of sensitive information, and some of the complaints I ve seen suggest that it s not exactly careful about how that information is transmitted, which puts a lot of people on edge. There is also a boatload of complaints about how long the process can take weeks, sometimes, when it should only take a couple of days.

Spotty customer service From the reviews of Skrill that I ve seen, the customer support is very hit or miss, with a lot more misses. Skrill s email support appears to be very erratic sometimes taking weeks to reply. Lack of protections PayPal is pretty infamous for its buyer protections. It even has seller protection, albeit more limited. However, Skrill s terms of use specify that it is merely an intermediary.

Once money has been moved out of Skrill, the company can t do anything about it. This seems to be a sore spot for both merchants and customers, especially when their accounts are compromised. Funds lost in transit There are a fair few accounts of money going missing en route from Skrill to a bank account, and Skrill doesn t seem to be particularly helpful in resolving those issues.

Missing money is most definitely not a good thing. Funds Kept After Termination There s a whole lot wrong with Skrill s verification process and its policies for dealing with terminated users, but I m inclined to say this one takes the cake After merchants receive funds for a transaction, Skrill seems to say sorry, nope, and terminate the account.

That s pretty common for any sort of third-party processing service. So is a mandatory hold period from 90 to 180 days. But what Skrill does is charge an administration fee and keeps the money in your account. The terms of service say this. If you conduct or attempt to conduct any transaction in violation of the prohibitions contained in this section 11 or without the necessary approval under section 11.

5, we reserve the right to reverse the transaction; and or close or suspend your Skrill Account; and or report the transaction to the relevant law enforcement agency; and or claim damages from you; and charge you an administration fee of up to 150 EUR if we apply any of the above. Most of the complaints I ve found deal with amounts less than or just at that threshold, but I ve seen a couple complaints about larger amounts being held, too. Frankly, I call this nonsense and borderline predatory.

Combined with everything else that I ve seen on the Skrill site, in its term of service, in accounts from other merchants and Skrill s response to them I can t see why any consumer or merchant would want to risk it if there are any better options out there. Got an experience with Skrill. We d love to hear it. Positive Reviews Testimonials. You re not going to find many glowing reviews of Skrill.

That s a common problem plenty of people who have bad experiences are happy to comment, but the ones for whom the service is working don t always come forward. However, I am happy to say I ve at least found a couple of positive reviews about Skrill mixed in with the bad. Mostly they comment about how easy Skrill is to use, or how convenient it is. Beyond that, you ll see that Skrill has business relationships with major names such as Skype, BigStock Photo, and GoDaddy, all of which reinforce my belief that Skrill is legitimate just not the best option.

If you check out the About Us page, you ll also see a collection of awards the company has won. Most of the icon images are too small for me to make out. But they are there, and the most recent appear to date to 2015. If you ve had a positive experience with Skrill s merchant services, be sure to leave us a comment. Skrill s services align pretty closely with PayPal s, making it a viable competitor, at least on paper. However, the reality is a lot more complicated. I don t doubt that Skrill is a legitimate company, despite the trouble merchants have had.

All the indications are that it s a pretty popular option in Europe. But its operating model is not one that works well in the U.and the company is clearly having trouble adapting to the U. Even for European businesses, I feel like there s got to be a better, more cost-effective option. The lack of information about processing rates is frustrating and stands as a very stark contrast to PayPal, Square, and most other online credit card processors. I feel like the many types of accounts are confusing to both consumers and merchants.

And it s incredibly difficult to move money in and out of your account, assuming the payment doesn t get lost in transit. I said earlier in this review that Skrill doesn t have anything particularly unique, and I stand by this. There s no clear value of using Skrill over any of the dozens of options available for merchants who sell online, including PayPal. The only real reason I see to choose Skrill is if you really, really don t want to work with PayPal or can t work with PayPalbut you need PayPal-like services.

And even then, there s no guarantee that your experience will be any better. Skrill gets 3 stars from me for all these reasons. Skrill just doesn t quite seem to have a handle on where the market is going for merchants. Its offerings aren t competitive. There s not enough flexibility or freedom to justify it when there are so many other options that can deliver many of the same feature sets even if you might have to combine a couple.

I sincerely hope that Skrill will find a way to thrive in this fiercely competitive space. But until it manages to catch up to its competitors, I strongly recommend steering clear especially if you re in the U. In the meantime, check out our favorite online credit card processors and our top-rated merchant account providers. Got an experience with Skrill, and particularly its merchant services. We love to hear from you, and input from actual customers plays a crucial role in our review process.

Please make sure that your comment meets our guidelines so that we can publish it. Bio Latest Posts. Melissa Johnson. Latest posts by Melissa Johnson see all. Square POS VS SumUp Which Mobile App and Card Reader Is Right For You. - November 25, 2019 Why PayPal s Credit Card Processing Isn t A Merchant Account And Why Not Understanding The Difference Puts Your Business At Risk - October 17, 2019 How Much Does Square Charge.

- October 16, 2019 5 Best Mobile POS Apps - October 9, 2019 How To Save On American Express Credit Card Processing With OptBlue Pricing - August 16, 2019. Check Out Our Preferred Credit Card Processors. Payment Depot Fattmerchant National Processing PaymentCloud. No early termination fee. Interchange-plus Interchange-plus Interchange-plus Interchange-plus. Rate matching Negotiable. All of our preferred processors use fully transparent Interchange-plus pricing.

We ve done in-depth research on each and confidently recommend them. The Best Small Business Credit Card Payment review Companies For 2020. Need A Retail POS System For Your Small Business. These 7 Great Solutions Can Solve Your Store s Woes. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser.

Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. It is not the vendor or bank review s responsibility to ensure all posts and or questions are answered. Dishonest money transfer merchant. They will hold your money for a much longer than advertisement period to get it transferred.

Meanwhile they use your money for their own purpose. Messaging their helpline will not help as they will tell you they have no idea what is going on. Use them at your own risk. This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated. Three days ago, I sent mail to Skrill to apply for the business account, but still no feedback. Does anyone know how can I get a bussiness account to use.

You might want to try reaching out to them via the contact info we ve provided within the review here. If you haven t made up your mind yet, I d also suggest checking out Paypal, Stripe or possibly Square. Organization Name APM Bless UK Limited. I have been using Skrill for 18 months. Excellent support and absolutely no issue. Far lower costs than Paypal and support is fast and via Skype if need be. I only give 4 stars as my customers in Japan and some other countries unable to use Skrill for payments.

Payment Depot Fattmerchant PaymentCloud Dharma Merchant Services. I am alarmed with by my fund transfer from IQoption to Skrill because until now I can t track my money although Skrill has emailedme last March 9 that they will rewire my money back to my credit card but until now I can t see it reflected there on my statement. And when I go to their website it so hard to get help. I am worried because i missed payment for my credit card. It s more than a month now. I went to my bank but they have no control on Skrill yet Skrill has already been paid for my fee which is 1.

62USD one month ahead. Somebody please help me. I m sorry for your situation. I d suggest getting in touch with Skrill directly. Here is a link to their BBB profile, that contains some additional contact info as well. Skrill is a company trying to turn out to be a serious transmission company, it can work but it s a lottery.

Sooner or later, there will be a problem and then you will not get help as a customer. Bring over 2500 this money disappeared like in a dark hole when I conducted a banking operation to them. In the last month, the suspects have not solved this. Do not know if it will be solved either. They ask for proof of the transfer that I sent to them, this proof comes from my bank with then refuses to accept this.

It feels like talking to the bank mafia, and you must try to prove to the mafia that you are right, but they are both judges and prosecutors, and they do not light on you at all. That is, impossible to solve any problems. So if you do not want to lose any money, use some serious payment service instead. I m in the US and have used Skrill for a year for offshore forex trading. So far everything has been fine. Avoid Skrill at all cost. I made the mistake by doing my business payroll to overseas employees through skrill, and even though their website is slow and hard to use that was tolerable but when they froze my account I couldn t transfer or withdraw any money and the message read Get in touch with us the least you can do is put a phone number if you really want me to get in touch with youwhen I got in touch the lady there told me that they are doing a routine security check no previous notice or anything to let me know that I won t be able to use the account and that the security department is unreachable and they ll contact me when the check is finished which might take days well then why are you asking me to get in touch.

She kept interrupting me whenever I asked for a reason on why it was frozen in the first place and she wouldn t give me any dates. I had to call three times in a week to get the account unfrozen and withdraw my funds, by far one of the worst customer services I have ever seen and I still have no idea why they froze the account other than a routine check. A fucking joke not a company. DONT use them for anything business related.

Great review from the merchants perspective. We will be happy to include your site to ours as recommendation for merchants looking for help. com skrill skrill-review Looking forward for your feedback and happy to get you added. Time in Business. Your Credit Score. Your Annual Revenue. Borrowing Amount. Term Length. Time to Funding. Business Location. Monthly Card Payment Volume.

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