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1712 SP_Flash_Tool_v5. 1708 SP_Flash_Tool_v5. SP FlashTool APK Download. You can Download either Windows or Linux version for completely free as always. SmartPhone FlashTool is completely a desktop program that supports through Windows PC and Linux operating systems. So to make use of SP Flash, a DesktopВ is a must with installingВ the correct drivers. And remember that there is no support yet to SP Flash APK. So if there is anythingВ saying you can Download Smart Phone FlashTool directly on mobile in the form of APK, that is not correct.

In fact, there is still no way exist to take SP Flash in the form of APK. In that way, prevent getting caught to false content that could harm the system and follow our download links to take SmartPhone FlashTool in the correct version for either Linux or Windows. Developer Thanks. 1916 - Latest SP_Flash_Tool_v5. SP FlashTool receives various tool updates focusing better usability and compatibility.

So give all thanks to MediaTek Inc. for all developments and letting users free download SP Flash Tool. See this page in English instead. You re viewing a translated version of our site. Languages English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Nederlands Pусский Português. Advanced PC insights Advanced PC insights Automatic updates Premium support Advanced PC insights YES YES Automatic updates NO YES Premium support NO YES. 95 Was EUR 19. 95 Now EUR 14. Speccy Free and Professional are for home use only.

Get Speccy for your Business. 1, 7, Vista and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but not RT tablet editions. 740 21 May 2018. Improved SSD detection for newer SSD devices Improved SSD detection for laptops Added new Privacy menu Fixed a bug where the Speccy uninstaller was removing text and log files from the C drive. Looking to clean up your business. How to send my product for repair service.

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Welcome to MSI Service and Support. Current LiveChat Service is applying with certain countries only. PUBG mobile is one of the most popular games which almost every person who is a game lover wants to play. Tencent Gaming Buddy-PUBG Mobile on PC Tencent Emulator Download. The game is available for mobile and PC. However, both of the game versions are not same. The PC users cannot play this game PUBG mobile on their PC device directly.

So, to help in this situation Tencent has launched an emulator named Tencent Gaming Iq option noticias. Tencent Gaming Buddy is an emulator that helps to run PUBG mobile game on your PC. It is fairly easy to use and the users don t even require any technical skill for this emulator. The software is available in two languages i. Chinese and English. It is completely free so everyone can download it. While most of the Android Emulators help in emulating Android apps and games onto PC. The Tencent emulator is a PUBG mobile exclusive in the global market.

With great optimization, the tool is very easy to install which requires no VPN or any account creation. You only have to download the tool and can start playing the games in few seconds. This tool also has many customization options, allowing you to customize PUBG Mobile s control overlay. Plus, these controls are context sensitive which means that the control scheme would shift to adapt while you are driving or opening up your inventory. There are more options available including tapping or holding your hotkey for toggling the ADS.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Tencent Emulator can also be played on low-end computers. The regular PC version of game PUBG faces optimization issues when played on those computers that don t have the required hardware. And if you have a fairly high-end, powerful computer, your gaming experience would get way better. For instance, while playing the game you may change the screen resolution to 720p, Full HD and even 2K.

Along with this, PUBG mobile facilitates cross platform gameplay between PC and mobile. Features of Tencent Gaming Buddy. Here is few features of the Tencent emulator software that you should be knowing. Tencent emulator supports android PUBG mobile games by allowing it to play on PC. It has perfectly configured controls which makes it easy to play and Download Pubg mobile Pc. The software automatically installs the PUBG game on PC at the very first time without taking much time and efforts.

It is available in two languages, one in English and other one in Chinese. It allows lots of customization. So you can easily customize PUBG mobile s control overlay. Tencent emulator doesn t ask for any type of account creation. Hence, you do not need to register on it for downloading this. This works quite well in low configuration computers as well. How iq option noticias Download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC. In order to download Tencent emulator for PC, one has to follow some easy steps.

Have a look at the steps for downloading Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC. First, download the given link and install the file on your PC. Once the installation is done, click on Start to run the interface. It will then start downloading the gaming engine on which the PC version of game will run. After downloading the gaming engine, it will start to download the main game of PUBG mobile from its servers.

The maximum downloaded data may vary from 1. And after the main game is downloaded successfully, you can simply play the game by clicking on the button Play. Setting for PUBG mobile on Tencent Emulator. When you will play the game, the following controls will be available by default on the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator. Shift Sprint. Mouse Lock AutoRun. Throwable Items 4, 5, 6. Healing Items 7, 8, 9, 0. F1 To have quick look at all the controls.

F To Interact. WASD To move forward, left, backward and right. Left Click Fire, Punch or use Melee Weapon. Right Click ADS. Space Bar Jump. Free Look Click ALT use the mouse to look around. If you want to change any of these settings, click on the top right corner of the Tencent emulator and click on Settings tab which will be second option from the bottom. You can make changes to the language, display quality, resolutions, graphic engine rendering or lots of other options.

Tags how to use tencent gaming buddy pubg on tencent gaming buddy emulator tencent gaming buddy tencent gaming buddy download tencent gaming buddy guide. Best Subtitles Apps For Android iOS Users Ask Me Apps. 10 Best Music Apps For Kids to Learn, Play Listen. Best Paid Streaming Apps For Movies TV Shows 2020. From the creators of The Sims series of best-selling simulation games comes a complete Sims experience on mobile. The Sims Freeplay Free Game Online Download on PC for Free Here.

What s your story. Create it with your Sims in real-time, customize their wardrobes and homes, and help them live out their dreams. Complete goals to earn Simoleons, expanding your Sim Town and picking up rewards along the way. Keep your Sims happy and watch them thrive as you help them live a fun and fulfilled life. Top 25 Websites To Download Full PC Games for Free. Whether you are into Action Adventure games, Strategy games, RPG, Racing games, Shooting games, etc.

In a year, many big PC games release in every sort of categories. you ll find a lot of latest PC games release in your favorite category. Whether or not these big games are amazing really good or not, there are two things you will definitely see 1 the game s amazing trailer video and 2 it s ridiculously high price. For new games, there are so much confusion about their gameplay that if you sit back and let the market s heat down to make a wise decision on whether to buy a game or not, it s already too late.the game is already old.

You can even pay the high price of one or two PC games but that should really be good. But, nowadays, asking for such commitment from anybody is a false hope. So, instead of risking your money, why don t you try the way to free download these games. There are many sites which are providing free PC Games download of full version of new popular games and if your hands are tight in money then you can use these sites to download install full PC games for free. Today, through this article, I am providing a list of top 25 free PC games download websites which provide direct download links to big small PC games with required files to unlock start playing the game properly in your Windows PC.

These free games download sites provide full description of the game, it s rating, images, trailer video, DLCs etc and some of these sites develop their own games which you ll love to download, install and play on your PC. Ocean of Games. Ocean of Games is the most popular place to Download Free PC Games. Being most popular, Ocean of Games is also the most controversial website which is providing free PC Games download links to even the latest games for which they surely don t own the copyright.

But anyways, the site updates very frequently. So, if you are looking for free PC games direct download link, Ocean of Games is the primary site to check. Visit Ocean of Games website here. Console Room. ConsoleRoms is a website where you can download almost any retro console game and be able to play it on phone, tablet or computer. The website also offers software called emulators that can be installed into any device and let you play your favorite retro games for free.

Once you have the emulator you can browse variety of titles for GB, GBA, NDS, N64, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 and more. Just download your favorite games in form of ROMs, load them into the emulators you have previously installed, and enjoy your favorite retro games for free. Visit the website at www. Skidrow Games. Skidrow is another popular network which provides full PC Games for free.

For all old and new PC games, you will find both direct download torrent download link. The website owner not only update the website with more new games, it even provide crack, patches, serial number and license codes of previously released games, new updates, DLC download links and more. Visit Skidrow Games website here. IGG Games is a great website for those who want to download PC games for free but are new in this field.

This free PC games download website not only provides free games download links but it also provides all necessary details and descriptions, video tutorial, step-by-step guide to help you run any desired game on your PC. IGG Games is a very old website with thousands of paid PC games available to download and play for free.

Visit IGG Games website here. OVA Games is a game blog which provides free PC game download of thousands of games. It has provided categories for you to explore and check out all the amazing games available in your favorite gaming genre. The site is easy to browse and you can also use the search box to find the game you are searching instantly. You ll always find the desired PC game which you re looking to download for free. If it s not available, you can request the game through special button this free PC games download website has provided.

Visit OVA Games website here. PC Games Download is another hugely popular site which provides full game downloads to even the latest big games that cost hundreds of dollars if you want to buy. You can search your desired game alphabetically or by searching through the search button provided at the top-right corner. Every PC game available here is provided with a direct download link to the game with 5-6 different mirrors so that you ll not face any issue while downloading games.

Visit PC Games Download website here. Gamer Sky is a Chinese site which is very straight forward when it comes to providing free download links of PC games. You might need to translate the site from Chinese to English so as to navigate the site properly. Gamer Sky offers free download to a wide range of games that include single game, Chinese game, mini stand-alone game, classic game in shooting, action adventure, role play, real-time strategy, racing, sports, simulation games.

Visit Gamer Sky website here. The site offers a wide range of mini games. Browse and you ll see many all-time-favorite, classic and popular games. Those games you thought you the Internet has lost can be found here. Every game provided here are available with proper description and instructions. You can download them by clicking Download Now button which is not a click-bait.

Browse the site to download free PC Games if you re a fan of old, classical games. Visit Take Game website here. Mega Game is more like a website to discuss games at least this is what it appears at the first glance. But, as you start browsing this website, you ll be able to know where free PC Games download are provided. More than just cracked nulled PC Games version, Mega Games provide Trainer, Bug Fix, Cheats, Mods, etc. which are other important things to help you with your games.

Visit Mega Games website here. GOG is a widely popular site to provide DRM-free games. Many of the games are available at a huge discount of 50-70 here but what might interest you is GOG free games section which has thousands of free games available to download and play for Windows, MAC and Linux operating system. You can filter songs by Genre, Feature, Language, Company and more. Visit GOG Free Games section here. Origin Games. Put away your wallet and enjoy great games at no cost in Origin Games site.

Origin is a popular games website to purchase games at a good price. Many games sometimes go free and when they do, they appear here at Origin s Free Game section. For many games you can download their full free version here and for many very popular games, you ll be able to download and play demos, beta, etc. Visit Origin Games website here. Game Top might not have those mainstream PC games available to download but if you are looking for small and interesting PC Games, this site has tons of them to offer.

You can browse and download many Hidden Objects, Racing, Action, Sim Farm, Puzzle, Boards, Cards, Arcade games and before downloading you can read the description, check the number of downloads and ratings to make a decision on whether to download the game or not. Visit Game Top website here. Fast Download Games. Fast Download Games is a games directly which provides lots of amazing games to free download.

Games provided here are really tricky. So, if you think they will be easy to play, they won t. From kids to adult, the website offers games for every age group. Visit Fast Download Games website and know what games do they have to offer. Softonic Gamers Academy. Softonic has a special section to offer free PC games. They call it Gamers Academy from where it offers direct download links for many popular games. You can play games like League of Legends, World of Tanks, War Thunder for free.

Visit the website download play amazing PC Games Gamers Academy Softonic. Full Games Download. sk is an ideal site that you want to remember on tips always because this site provides the free download link to full PC Games whether they are small or big. You can find lots of popular games in many different genres and if you re looking to play online instead of downloading games, you can find lots of amazing games here which you can play online instantly. Visit FullGames. sk website here.

Home of the Underdogs. Home of the Underdogs provides full version of old games. For all games genre, there are hundreds of old games to download and play. As the site is legal so this is the maximum it can do apart from providing free games. So, visit this site and download old PC Games so of which are really amazing. Visit Home of the Underdogs website here. Free PC Gamers.

The site serves lots of games to either download or play online. It provides news about games which just goes free or any way leaked to download those games for free. Visit this site to download free PC Games, free MMO Games, Free Browser Games and more. You can also join Free PC Gamers forum where many gamers are available to provide you tips and instructions about playing games.

Visit Free PC Gamers website here. Liberated Games. Liberated game offers full free PC Games, crack, cheats, hacks of many PC, Android games. It is basically a gaming block from where you ll not only be able to download PC games for free but also know cool hacks like unlimited health, unlimited coins tricks of many popular games. A site to must visit. Visit Liberated Games website here. Acid Play Games. Acid play has some of the best mini games from all over the world.

This site put only handpicked games and allow users to download them with a single click. You can either browse yourself by manually reading the description of the games Acid-Game has provided or check out the best games from Top Games, Hottest Games category. Visit Acid Play Games website here. Caiman Games. Caiman Games offers unique games that they let users to either play online or download. The games are created by their home developers so ideas in games are new and quite unique.

If you are someone who need inspiration for creating your own game app, this site is amazing. For normal people, it is also very good because all of its PC games are available free to download. Visit Caiman games website here. Reloaded Games. Reloaded games have a collection of unique games which you ve never played before. These are small, unique and very interesting games. So, if you re not in mood to play what everyone s playing then Reloaded games has a huge collection to offer.

Play yourself and tell how much you like them. Visit Reloaded Games website here. Best Old Games. Well, even if you have lost all trace of those game, this site has all of it saved. Best Old Games is an old games directory which provides access to very old PC games to you in various Action, Adventure, Arcade Puzzle, RPG, Racing, Strategy, Simulation, Sports games category. Have you played some amazing PC games in childhood which you miss even now, like those MS-DOS Games, 8-bit games.

Visit Best Old Games website here. All Games A to Z is an old website which is providing free games download from years. It provides free download to full version PC Games for PC, MAC and Linux operating system and sometimes, you ll also be able to see downloads of Xbox, PS, etc. You can browse games either by their genre or Alphabetically. The website also has helpful forum from where you can post your queries related to games and get well-detailed solution answer.

Visit All Games A to Z website here. Reddit Free Games. Reddit has many subreddits of people who share free download links to many popular games. r freegames is the best subreddit among them where you can find download link to some rare games. You iq option noticias also be able to play games which aren t released because the subreddit has many game developers who ask other redditors to try their games and give feedback. Visit Reddit FreeGames Subreddit here.

1337x Games Torrent. If you use torrent then 1337x is the best torrent site from where you download all amazing PC games for free. 1337x has lots of uploaders which upload many popular games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo and many other devices. If you didn t find your desired game in any other website but here and you don t want to download through torrent then you can learn how to download the torrent using IDM.

Please bookmark this article so that whenever you want to download a PC Game for free, you can browse this article and pick out your favorite free PC game download site quickly to download your favorite game. We are also providing all the above listed free PC games website below in the tabular form to make it even iq option noticias for you to quickly open your desired free game download website.

1 Ocean of Games oceanofgames. com 2 Skidrow Games www. com 3 IGG Games igg-games. com 4 OVA Games www. com 5 Apun Ka Games www. net 6 Free PC Gamers www. com 7 Gamer Sky www. com 8 Take Game www. com 9 Mega Games megagames. com games 11 Origin Games www. com en-in store free-games 12 Game Top gametop. com 13 Fast Download Games www. com 14 Gamers Academy - Softonic gamers-academy. com 15 Full Games Download www. sk 16 Home of the Underdogs homeoftheunderdogs.

net 17 PC Games Download pcgames-download. net 18 Liberated Games liberatedgames. org 19 Acid Play Games www. com 20 Caiman Games www. us 21 Reloaded Games www. org 22 Best Old Games www. net eng 23 All Games A to Z www. com 24 Reddit Free Games www. com r freegames 25 1337x Games Torrent 1337x. We will be adding new free PC games download website in this article frequently.

So, make sure you stay updated with the latest list of top PC Games download website. If you know any other great site to download free PC gamesplease comment it below and help us improve this list for you and everyone else. 10 Addictive PC Games for Windows Top 20 Sites to Play Free Online Games 50 WhatsApp Dare Message, Quiz Puzzle Games. Introduction to the World of Precious Metals Trading.

How to Make Money from Bitcoins. 7 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for Your Digital Coins. Everything You Need to Know About the hreflang Tag and Its Use. Top 5 Best Forum Software for Your Online Community. What Type of YouTube Channel Should You Start. Saurabh Saha. All Games A to Z. Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer.

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Select Tor is censored in my country. If Tor is not censored, one of the most common reasons Tor won t connect is an incorrect system clock. Please make sure it s set correctly. Read other FAQ s at our Support Portal. Please do not torrent over Tor. Tor Browser will block browser plugins such as Flash, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and others they can be manipulated into revealing your IP address.

We do not recommend installing additional add-ons or plugins into Tor Browser. Plugins or addons may bypass Tor or compromise your privacy. Check out the Tor Browser manual for more troubleshooting tips. Stand up for privacy and freedom online. We re a nonprofit organization and rely on supporters like you to help us keep Tor robust and secure for millions of people worldwide. Get Tor Browser for Android. What s new in 2. 51 July 31, 2008. Support for ZIP encryption, both ZIP 2.

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The supported processors are ARM, XSCALE, MIPS, SH3, X86 A Windows PC with installed ActiveSync 3. x for installing from a Mac, see below A version for other Windows CE devices is available separatelyas well as a smartphone version This program does NOT work on a Palm, Cliй or Epoc system. Main features screenshots. Copy, Move whole subdirs Inplace rename, create dirs Delete no recycle bin Zip and unzip Properties dialog, change attributes Built-in text editor Search function also for text Select unselect groups of files Select with Sel button FTP client Registry editor LAN access Send Receive via Infrared OBEX Brief, full and large icons mode Single or two file window mode Option to hide all files in ROM Directory hotlist as in Total Commander Directory history through dropdown list Tree view Configurable button bar Simple help function Supported languages English, German, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish.

Download the Pocket PC version Freeware. Processor type Iq option noticias installer CAB Notes ARM XSCALE PXA tcmdpocketarm arm xscale pxa english only Most users will need this version. MIPS SH3 x86 CAB only tcmdpocketmipssh3 mips sh3 x86 english only For older devices Additional languages included language page Only needed if you install the CAB version Or try 2.

52 beta 3 recommended for WinMobile6. 5 Forum beta cabs Supports FTP via SSL, bluetooth with WidComm Broadcom stack. The Windows installers are self-extacting EXE files for Windows desktop. To install from a Mac or directly from the Pocket PC, get the CAB file onto your device and start it there. For Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP or Vista, go back to the download page.

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