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PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS CODERS WITH EXPERIENCE. We need a great backend Django developer, we have an initial bug and we are looking for someone to work full time. I have a workout dataset, want to do feature extraction using time series analysis in accedi per visualizzare l URL data,around 500000 rows. To all network administrators, penetration testers, and ethical hackers, network security tools are important to complete their tests in the present period.

Either Host Discovery on the Local Area Network, Port Scanning to discover the available ports, or logging realistic client or device operation inside the network are the most common activities they do on a daily basis. Therefore, there are ma. All Names should be label based on certain condition criteria. accedi per visualizzare l URL Please see the attached file for detail requirements. I am looking for a module for synchronization between magento and odoo. I need an expert python developer and conda i get this error.

The following packages are causing the inconsistency - defaults win-32 anaconda 2020. 02 py37_0 I already tried to update it and it won t let me do a scrapy. Additionally I need help to correct this query to mysql from python conn accedi per visualizzare l URL host localh. I migliori articoli di Python della community. 15 Resource Websites Every Web Developer Should Know. di gergob - 17 March, 2016. Links and details of essential web development related websites you should follow.

9 Tips For Learning Coding With No Prior Experience. di RuchiBhargava1 - 1 August, 2017. New to coding. Here are some elementary tips you must go through to smooth your journey. di gergob - 16 December, 2014. Altri lavori correlati a Python. Hai bisogno di assumere un freelance per un lavoro. Registrati gratuitamente, cerca ciò di cui hai bisogno e ricevi preventivi gratuiti in pochi istanti. Categorie Progetti Concorsi Freelance Impresa Programma Freelance selezionato Gestione progetti Lavori Locali Vetrina API per sviluppatori.

Chi siamo Come funziona Sicurezza Investitori Mappa del sito Dicono di noi News. Normativa sulla privacy Termini e condizioni Normativa sul copyright Codice di condotta Costi e Commissioni. A query string is a part of a uniform resource locator URL that assigns values to specified parameters. A query string commonly includes fields added to a base URL by a Web browser or other client application, for example as part of an HTML form. Query string. In cases where special logic is invoked, the query string will be available to that logic for use in its processing, along with the path component of the URL.

1 Structure 1. 1 Web forms 1. 2 Indexed search 2 URL encoding 3 Example 4 Tracking 5 Compatibility issues 6 See also 7 References 8 External links. Typical URL containing a query string is as follows. When a server receives a request for such a page, it may run a program, passing the query string, which in this case is, name ferret unchanged, to the program. The question mark is used as a separator, and is not part of the query string. Web frameworks may provide methods for parsing multiple parameters in the query string, separated by some delimiter.

4 In the example URL below, multiple query parameters are separated by the ampersand. The exact structure of the query string is not standardized. Methods used to parse the query string may differ between websites. A link in a web page may have a URL that contains a query string. HTML defines three ways a user agent can generate the query string.

an HTML form via the element a server-side image map via the ismap attribute on the element with a construction an indexed search via the now deprecated element. Web forms Edit. One of the original uses was to contain the content of an HTML form, also known as web form. In particular, when a form containing the fields field1field2field3 is submitted, the content of the fields is encoded as a query string as follows.

The query string is composed of a series of field-value pairs. Within each pair, the field name and value are separated by an equals sign. The series of pairs is separated by the ampersand, for URLs embedded in HTML and not generated by a. While there is no definitive standard, most web frameworks allow multiple values to be associated with a single field e.

field1 value1 field1 value2 field2 value3. For each field of the form, the query string contains a pair field value. Web forms may include fields that are not visible to the user; these fields are included in the query string when the form is submitted. This convention is a W3C recommendation. 4 W3C recommends that all web servers support semicolon separators in addition to ampersand separators 7 to allow application x-www-form-urlencoded query strings in URLs within HTML documents without having to entity escape ampersands.

The form content is only encoded in the URL s query string when the form submission method is GET. Indexed search Edit. Before forms were added to HTML, browsers rendered the element as a single-line text-input control. The text entered into this control was sent to the server as a query string addition to a GET request for the base URL or another URL specified by the action attribute.

8 This was intended to allow web servers to use the provided text as query criteria so they could return a list of matching pages. When the text input into the indexed search control is submitted, it is encoded as a query string as follows. The query string is composed of a series of arguments by parsing the text into words at the spaces. The series is separated by the plus sign. Though the element is deprecated and most browsers no longer support or render it, there are still some vestiges of indexed search in existence.

For example, this is the source of the special handling of plus sign, within browser URL percent encoding which today, with the deprecation of indexed search, is all but redundant with 20. Also some web servers supporting CGI e.Apache will process the query string into command line arguments if it does not contain an equals sign, as per section 4. Some CGI scripts still depend on and use this historic behavior for URLs embedded in HTML.

Some characters cannot be part of a URL for example, the space and some other characters have a special meaning in a URL for example, the character 806 0944288846 10 can be used to further specify a subsection or fragment of a document. In HTML forms, the character is used to separate a name from a value. The URI generic syntax uses URL encoding to deal with this problem, while HTML forms make some additional substitutions rather than applying percent encoding for all such characters.

SPACE is encoded as or 20. HTML 5 specifies the following transformation for submitting HTML forms with the get method to a web server. 1 The following is a brief summary of the algorithm. Characters that cannot be converted to the correct charset are replaced with HTML numeric character references 11 SPACE is encoded as or 20 Letters A Z and a znumbers 0 9 and the characters.

and _ are left as-is is encoded by 2B All other characters are encoded as HH hex representation with any non-ASCII characters first encoded as UTF-8 or other specified encoding. The octet corresponding to the tilde. is permitted in query strings by RFC3986 but required to be iq option x in HTML forms to 7E. The encoding of SPACE as and the selection of as-is characters distinguishes this encoding from RFC 3986. If a form is embedded in an HTML page as follows. and the user inserts the strings this is a field and was it clear already.

in the two text fields and presses the submit button, the program test. cgi the program specified by the action attribute of the form element in the above example will receive the following query string first this is a field second was it clear 28already 29 3F. If the form is processed on the server by a CGI script, the script may typically receive the query string as an environment variable named QUERY_STRING.

A program receiving a query string can ignore part or all of it. If the requested URL corresponds to a file and not to a program, the whole query string is ignored. However, regardless of whether the query string is used or not, the whole URL including it is stored in the server log files. For this to work, every time the user downloads a page, a unique identifier must be chosen and added as a query string to the URLs of all links the page contains.

As soon as the user follows one iq option x these links, the corresponding URL is requested to the server. This way, the download of this page is linked with the previous one. For example, when a web page containing the following is requested. a unique string, such as e0a72cb2a2c7 is chosen, and the page is modified as follows. The addition of the query string does not change the way the page is shown to the user. When the user follows, for example, the first link, the browser requests the page foo.

e0a72cb2a2c7 to the server, which ignores what follows. and sends the page foo. html as expected, adding the query string to its links as well. This way, any subsequent page request from this user will carry the same query string e0a72cb2a2c7making it possible to establish that all these pages have been viewed by the same user. Query strings are often used in association with web beacons. Query strings form part of the URL, and are therefore included if the user saves or sends the URL to another user; cookies can be maintained across browsing sessions, but are not saved or sent with the URL.

If the user arrives at the same web server by two or more independent paths, it will be assigned two different query strings, while the stored cookies are the same. The user can disable cookies, in which case using cookies for tracking does not work. However, using query strings for tracking should work in all situations.

Different query strings passed by different visits to the page will mean that the pages are never served from the browser or proxy, if present cache thereby increasing the load on the web server and slowing down the user experience. Various ad hoc limitations on request-line length are found in practice. The common workaround for these problems is to use POST instead of GET and store the parameters in the request body. The length limits on request bodies are typically much higher than those on URL length.

For example, the limit on POST size, by default, is 2 MB on IIS 4. 0 and 128 KB on IIS 5. The limit is configurable on Apache2 using the LimitRequestBody directive, which specifies the number of bytes from 0 meaning unlimited to 2147483647 2 GB that are allowed in a request body. ThinkRF Products Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer RF Downconverter Tuner. Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers. R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer RF Downconverter Tuner.

Beautifully Designed, Portable, Silent. Frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 8 GHz 18 GHz 27 GHz Real-Time Bandwidth RTBW up to 100 MHz Sweep rate of 28 GHz s Extend existing equipment to 8 GHz 18 GHz 27 GHz 100 kHz, 10 MHz, 40 MHz, 50 MHz, and 160 MHz wideband option RTBW 10 MHz input and output clock references for multi-unit synchronization. Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis. The ThinkRF R5550 is built on innovative and highly optimizable software-defined radio technologies that provide more flexibility, greater coverage, and increased functionality.

Beautifully designed and built for spectrum monitoring and deployment applications, the ThinkRF R5550 analyzer provides improved spectral performance in a lightweight, fanless, and portable form factor while enabling in-depth analysis of complex and wideband waveforms in challenging spectrum environments. Sleek, Stylish Design. Designed to be sleek, lightweight, and silent, the R5550 offers improved spectral performance, lower power consumption, and improved portability at an attractive price.

The emphasis on quality, usability, and design provides an alternative to traditional, bulky spectrum analysis hardware when deployed in the lab, out in the field, or in a vehicle for mobile applications. Networked and Remote Deployable. Monitor in more locations with networking capabilities purpose built for remote and in-place spectrum monitoring. Standard GigE interface and streaming rates of 360 Mbit s make the ThinkRF R5550 analyzer ideal for dispersed and continuous monitoring in any location.

Best Price-Performance Ratio on the Market. Enable a wide range of spectrum analysis applications while staying on budget with the best price-performance ratio available. Up to 27 GHz frequency range, 160 MHz IBW, 28 GHz s stream rate, and a deep dynamic range means the ThinkRF R5550 analyzer can capture and analyze complex modern waveforms in real-time. Compact and PC-Driven. Leverage advances in computing and networking by connecting to any standard PC.

The easily upgradable ThinkRF R5550 analyzer is compact, lightweight, and low power, making it perfect for deployment in the field, on vehicles, or as part of a larger solution. Proven Integrations. ThinkRF and its application ecosystem helps developers, engineers, and program manager see the full picture in complex spectrum environment. ThinkRF has a wide variety of application partners depending on your requirements. Also an RF Downconverter. The ThinkRF R5550 can be used as an RF Downconverter to extend the range of existing spectrum analysis up to 27 GHz.

The R5550 features breakthrough performance and coverage for its size and cost, making ideally suited for applications such as electronic warfare systems, frequency conversion, interference testing, and spectrum licensing and monitoring. Monitor in more locations with greater versatility provided by a compact form factor and the ability to network for in-place or remote monitoring applications Detect complex waveforms with better performance and up to 27 GHz frequency range and 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth for today s monitoring applications Analyze new technology, like 5G, with additional capabilities through easily upgradable, software based technologies Easily used with any third-party spectrum analyzer to extend the performance up to 27 GHz range Wideband IQ option for up to 160 MHz RTBW.

Contact Sales to learn more about how the ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer can help you. Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers RF Downconverters Tuners Spectrum Analysis Software Enablers Accessories. Signal Analysis and Demodulation Spectrum Monitoring Signals Intelligence SIGINT Technical Surveillance Countermeasures TSCM Telecom Planning, Optimization, and Management RF Application Development CBRS Test and Deployment.

Resellers and Reps Contact Us. Documentation Videos APIs and Protocols Try Demo. About ThinkRF Blog and News In The News Leadership Team Board of Directors Career Opportunities. Copyright 2020 by ThinkRF Corp. Benefits of ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer. Airflow exposes an REST API. It is available through the webserver. REST API ReferenceВ. Endpoints are available at api experimental. The API structure is not stable.

We expect the endpoint definitions to change. Creates a dag_run for a given dag id. Trigger DAG with config, example. Returns a list of Dag Runs for a specific DAG ID. GET api experimental dags dag_runs В. Returns a JSON with a dag_run†s public instance variables. The format for the is expected to be “YYYY-mm-DDTHH MM SS”, for example “2016-11-16T11 34 15”.

To check REST API server correct work. Return status †OKвЂ. GET api experimental dags tasks В. Returns info for a task. GET api experimental dags dag_runs tasks В. Returns a JSON with a task instance†s public instance variables. GET api experimental dags paused В. ††must be a †true†to pause a DAG and †false†to unpause. Returns the paused state of a DAG. Returns the latest DagRun for each DAG formatted for the UI.

RESTful API Jobs. We are building a Lead management Suite for the Travel Industry we want either a individual OR a company to support us for the development of Server side. We have currently team of 6 people 2 Designers 2 Frontend developers 2 Backend Developershowever we want an experience person to chip in Server side development so that the deadlines for the Go Live of this project can be met. Contentware is a SaaS application that dramatically streamlines the content creation process by auto-generating a wide array of channel-optimized messages email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Company is a well-funded, Early Stage Start-Up We are seeking an EXPERIENCED Integration Developer. The Integration Developer will be responsible for integrating the Contentware solution with social media. Optimizing an existing Unity game 2D Sapce invaders like Reformatting some of the code, reorganizing assets, removing dead code and dev comments Changing URL for sign-in signup telemetry services. General restructuring and housekeeping. Does not require Unity Plus license since I have one for building the project.

Knowledge of Git and Shell Script would be a plus. we are looking for a developer who can build api which can fetch all the data in greek language for sports betting and later on give prediction on different sports. there is an another requirement for deepfake developer. if all goes well, will be looking to hire again to make it more advanced to use Binance Future a c with api-key and secret-key to connect Binance Future API e. accedi per visualizzare l URL there are 3 parts 3 stages of this project and Part 1 and Part 2 should be received first Part 1 stage 1 auto import and synchronize updates not refresh each second contracts Order B.

Looking for someone to assist with a shopify application build. Looking to integrate two api s. Needless to say api experience is essential. We have a cloud service offering already for and we are looking to expand it to include WAF as a service. Must have previously worked with shopify and have experience in app creation. currently, we are built on Azure infrastructure and I am curious if we create our own WAF as a service from the ground up, or do we work with the Azure API and basically provide a nice front end for clients to set up their own WAF services within minutes, but we are actually using the technol.

Admin dashboard using Laravel template to read write on an existing real-time firebase database and present lat long on Map. I need Ionic Developer To Complete Existing Project, Needed some Tasks to complete, the App is connected with woocommerce website using Restful API s, The Features Tha I need is Depends on WCFM Plugin it s a multivendor plugin So, I need to connect My Multiveindor web Site with my Ionic Application.

WHOLE WORK SHOULD BE DONE VIA REMOTE DESKTOP. Our project is about making modules which authenticate users by using mobile authentication services provided by some organizations when users sign in to the website. - We will make an integrated sign-in page where users can log in to the website by using some authentication services provided by 3rd party authentication companies.

A deep understanding of requirements analysis is required. I need someone to assist writing API documentation in OpenAPI 3. To apply, make sure to provide a sample API documentation you have written in the past. Also, explain what tool you use to write the documentation. saloon web app to allow women to book for saloon services.

We are looking to embed an Eventbrite checkout flow on our website, as per the Eventbrite platform documentation accedi per visualizzare l URL Our website was built using the Unbounce and your goal is to take Eventbrite event s and configure the checkout process on our website such that the right events populate and can be registered for within our website ecosystem. Have specific spreadsheet format. I need someone to extract public data from an api and load into a spreadsheet.

If done correctly there is recurring work on a weekly basis. Web application for restaurant Features Web reporting POS Inventory management Order management eat in, take away or delivery Optional, Customer will be notified about very stage from order entry, kitchen, on the way, delivery Customers can leave feedback, this will only be visible for admin. Loyalty program Access management Custom dashboards Time registration empoyees Payment options.

User stories attached. Full stack developer with experience in ReactJS and Codeigniter framework API required to take over a project almost completed. Required to do a test. Need a Python Script that will do 3 things add a TAG, show TAG, delete TAG accedi per visualizzare l URL Here is my REPO in Nexus 3 internal only this will not work outside my company curl -v -u mylogin mypass --upload-file accedi per visualizzare l URL accedi per visualizzare l URL You can help me but, this is what I was thinking python addtag mytag accedi per visual.

if you have experience, please contact me. I think this work takes only some minutes. Looking someone to help out my developer with a small Spotify API project. About Alooba Alooba is the first data and analytics skills assessment platform. Companies use Alooba to assess the skills of job applicants in data related fields such as Data Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, and also other roles that require some level of data analytical abilities such as Product Management, Growth Marketing and any other role that companies would want to ensure th.

app built for pick and pack order and orders get imported from multiple woocommerce sites. Problem 1 in the app we have a barcode scanner, we suppose to update tracking details for an order using API. accedi per visualizzare l URL this is the plugin we use for shipment tracking and for custom order status. we use a 3rd party plugin for tracking shipping and YITH for custom order status. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python. program should get mails from office 365 mailbox in real-time, subject and time stamp should be printed.

post this, we decide to assign our project. accedi per visualizzare l URL Helping me get this working properly will be the deli. Here is my REPO in Nexus 3 internal only this will not work outside my company accedi per visualizzare l URL I have this working curl -v -u mylogin mypass --upload-file accedi per visualizzare l URL accedi per visualizzare l URL Would like to be able to TAG as in this link below.

Need to import a vendor CSV product file to our Shopify store Vendor CSV file contains products, prices, links to pictures Must have good experience working with CSV files and setting up Shopify product import CSV standard Script must be run automatically on a daily basis to make updates Must fully document their work, process and any script which is created.

We re looking for a freelance developer that has experience building the full spectrum of a restful API. Highly secure, with API authentication Token access CORS and all the other great things that come with a well thought through and constructed API speed, reliability etc. Good understanding of AWS architecture such as EC2 or AWS containers is important. Hi, I m looking for a developer to work with me remotely to build an ERP SAAS application.

Ideally based in Australia, bu. We need to design and develop the database first. And Webservice with web application after there. I prefer to use an existing admin theme as there are so many good looking ones already out there. It will be a long term project and will need ongoing development. The skills you should have - MySQL. Hi, I would like to build a shopping app like Wish. It will have features like browsing products, hot deals, new deals iq option x account management login registration.

It should also support having a cart and payment options directly from the app. All information is fetched from a wordpress woocommerce wcfm website using their API s. Please provide me with a rough estimate on the cost. Title says it all. I already have the project fully functional but the auth licensing is not working correctly. Also it is manual i would like ot to be automatic when the customer runs the application they sign up for the account thru the CLI register user and pass and it pulls uuid and hashes them all and puts them on pastebin or somethign.

I am looking to hook up Lulu API accedi per visualizzare l URL to Wix website. Need to evaluate FF4J Launch Darkly tools for feature flagging and provide a detailed documented comparison report with code samples. I need someone knowledgable with this API set-up that can set everything up so that it is ready for use. Should be able to pick one over the other by seeing how each tool works for UI, backend, Restful Web Services etc. - Our current mobile app is on deadline and need React Native developerswho have many knownledge to fixing and improving our app.

- The app will be same with m. - Using API from magento 2. - Working in Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam only. Hello, This is not a fully commercial dev but a sort of poc Hyperledger project. We are looking for an Hyperledger Fabric expert who has experience in the real dev. You need to demonstrate your previous work relating to Hyperledger Fabric and you are required to be an API handling guru. If you can run Kubernetes it would also be considered.

Looking for some immediately work on Rest API Automation using Postman. Be able to work starting in next few hrs. Hey Developers, nice to meet you. I need a script to synchronize the products on accedi per visualizzare l URL in the car parts category in real time with the site they are building. Problems you may encounter 1 - allegro blocks requests so you need a proxy 2 - we are talking about over 10,000,000 products.

3 - APIrest by Allegro does not work to extract from their server directly. About PayBuddy After successfully executing AirTap, India s first credit over UPI for the lower middle class, we are launching PayBuddy by squeezing all our learnings from AirTap into it. Founded by two IIT BHU Varanasi graduates, PayBuddy is a gamified credit payment app over UPI to financially educate the lower middle class in Tier 1 2 cities.

It rewards good behaviour and penalises. Need to develop complex webapps SPA. We are looking for self-motivated software professionals that would be the part of our core team responsible for building up an IoT Platform based on Open Source Software. The technology set is already known and given below based on which the platform needs to build upon.

We expect the candidate is proactive and do participate voluntarily in giving suggestions and in adding values to team goals an. Necesito desarrollar un sistema de reservas de hoteles y toures que podamos integrar a clientes y proveedores a través de APIs. En lo posible, involucrar código abierto para hacerlo escalable e integrable más fácilmente. Trabajaría en equipo con otro desarrollador y un diseñador. There is nothing like my idea, yet.

The goal is to develop a web-platform and apps and make some money with it in the longterm. Hi, I am building a new online-platform for combat sports. So it is a startup and revenue would be splitted among the team. The longterm vision is a multilanguage worldwide platform for multiple kinds of combat sports. THERE IS NO PAYMENT, BUT YOU WILL RECEIVE PROPORT.

I have a flutter template and node. this need to be integrated by making API called from flutter app and testing the app. js restful API hosted on Google cloud. I am sending data through URL which is not secured. I need to make authencation before receiving the data through URL by creating a access token. I want you to create it for me. We are seeking a Senior Software Developer Systems Software to help develop softwares for the real estate, financial services, and travel industries.

As a Senior Software Developer Systems Software, you will Participate in analyzing, designing, writing and testing code, documenting and implementing functionally appropriate, technically sound, and well-integrated application systems. Altri lavori correlati a RESTful API. What is Santiment. Santiment SAN. Santiment is a datafeeds platform, which accurately represents the state of crypto markets. The company aims to establish future datafeeds for the crypto markets by being the financial market data and content platform of choice.

The platform facilitates datafeeds and content streams, such as newswires, in addition to a frequently updated database of cryptocurrency projects. Through its crypto Bloomberg terminal, the company plans to cater to the needs of the following markets. 1 Wealth and hedge fund managers, data vending channels, and new crypto-traders. 2 Newcomers looking for easily accessible content that can give them insight into market trends.

3 Data vending channels, such as exchanges Kraken, Bittrex and asset management platforms Melonport and ICONOMI. The platform, taking advantage of objective datafeeds and specifically crafted content, wants to provide its investors with an open database of projects to provide trading benefits and reduce investment risks. The platform also gives investors a comprehensive way of recognizing and avoiding bogus or duplicate crowd sale projects.

1 This pioneering platform has set up a market data infrastructure for crypto coin and blockchain assets. 2 It provides exclusive content streams, cryptocurrency-based data feeds, and an up-to-date database for reference cryptocurrency projects. The platform equips its users with an informational edge, thus enabling them to increase profits and reduce risks.

Santiment solutions. Usable data exposes investors and crypto traders to a range of information fraud and asymmetry. In fact, there exists a dearth of verifiable information. This new and innovative platform brings solutions to these problems through its comprehensive market insights and hard data. The company has created a range of trading tools within its crypto Bloomberg terminal that will turn systematized improvement hassle-free and easy, and at the same time provide you with market data that you hardly can find anywhere else.

Some key solutions that the company offers through its crypto Bloomberg terminal are as follows. 1 A datafeeds platform centered around blockchain analytics and crowd sentiment. 2 Streams of expert-curated content and aggregated Newswires. 3 An open database of crypto projects the Santiment Database, also known as the SANbase. Santiment SAN Review Crypto Coin Judge. Some of this information will be free to new users, such as the curated database. As the source of free objective information, it brings new traders into the world of cryptocurrency in the most reliable way possible, while ensuring loyalty.

How does Santiment work. 1 The company measures crowd moods and allows you to trade ideally. 2 Every datafeed the company produces either includes or peeks through crowd sentiment, providing all the data. This way, it allows you to exploit this data for yourself. 3 The platform creates revenue using regular subscription fees. 4 You can also take advantage of this token to access datafeeds and content. 5 You can either stake it, or use it to have limited access to company s services free.

6 Moreover, you can also spend this token in auctions to buy the company s most exclusive data. This links the SAN token value directly to the value of information and datafeeds produced by the company. Santiment technology. The Santiment platform is mobile-friendly, allowing crypto traders to have access to their stream of datafeeds and insights anytime, anywhere. A mobile terminal and web-terminal with third party integrations. The mobile terminal works in two ways.

1 It allows you to have access to an increasing library of market insights in terms of aggregated newswires and curated expert content. 2 It allows for quick access to datafeeds and Sanbase, thus placing thorough project insight in the palms of your hands whenever you need it. The company also offers a web terminal, which will allow for detailed analysis and low latency datafeeds.

This terminal will be made available as and when more of these low latency datafeeds are included in the network. The company has decided to integrate data backtesting and visualization tools into this platform. The Santiment MVP aims to bring the mobile terminal to life. It is already in the testing phase on iOS and Android, and the company plans to release it as soon as it is stable and ready. Curated streams of market insights and subscription content.

1 With the Curated Streams of Market Insights and Subscription Content, the company allows investors and traders alike to choose from a set of content iq option x and even customize the content according to their requirements. 2 Each subscriber will be able to design his her stream specifically for their trading style and needs. Interested users can purchase these streams mainly in fiat currency. Below are a few examples of prospective curated streams.

Economic structures and market size research. Token sale analysis. Project due diligence and team analysis. Regulatory updates country by country, and many more. Sentiment datafeeds. Since Santiment is based on sentimentsit first aims to be centered around sentiment datafeeds. The company wants to acquire these datafeeds through two methods.

By creating the feeds and or having them designed according to its specifications. By partnering with current data creators to bring their datafeeds to Santiment. These datafeeds can comprise, but are not confined to. Fear and Greed Index. Volatility Index. Momentum Index. Accumulation Indicator. Slack signalers. Trollbox Sentiment Indicators, and many more. The company intends to introduce the most useful and diverse range of crypto-sentiment datafeeds in the world.

Blockchain-based datafeeds and analytics. Another important kind of datafeed is the cross-blockchain datafeed and analytics, which allow subscribers to monitor activity across multiple networks. With a view to setting up these tools, the company has decided to collaborate with current blockchain explorers. Crowd sourced datafeeds. Right after the completion of their mobile terminal, the company will also experiment with crowd sourced datafeeds, which will pull and drag new kinds of information directly from the crowd.

The company will take advantage of these feeds to incentivize the crowd to take part in the feed. The Santiment database of crypto projects, aka the Sanbase. Santiment has professionalized the process of collecting a phenomenal amount of information by enabling the crowd to make its contribution for verifiable information to the database in exchange for a SAN reward, in addition to curation and research by expert analysts.

Through this method, the company will be able to control crowdsourcing and redistribute SAN to people who hold value to the network. What is the SAN token. 1 The SAN Santiment Network Token Prototype is a coupon the company issued in Switzerland abiding by FINMA regulation. 2 When the SAN is staked, exchanges and users are provided with access to do free streaming of information and feeds. 3 It is the standalone way of buying exclusive datafeeds and content available through auctions.

4 The company makes the non-exclusive available for fiat subscriptions. SAN core utility. SAN has three key functions to perform through the Santiment network. 1 Payments for auctions and subscriptions like a value flow mechanism and price discovery. 2 Staking like an on-boarding mechanism. 3 Rewards for crowd sourcing as a network rewards mechanism. 4 SAN works as a payment crowd source pricing for Santiment services, while allocating and generating value for SAN holders. 5 SAN staking incentivizes strategic partners to enhance and offer support to Santiment as a datafeeds platform.

6 SAN doubles as a reward for crowd sourcing data and information escalates the value of Santiment services, thus creating more value for the entire network. Santiment crowd sale and token distribution. The company offered its SAN tokens for sale on June 30, 2017, at 23 50 GMT. The crowd sale aims to cover the upcoming 3 years of development. It has denominated its cap totally in Ether ETHwith at least 15,000 ETH and at the most 45,000 ETH. This is simply the hard cap.

The company decided this cap along with the presale community and this is final. The company has reserved. 18 for the team to incentivize their continued efforts. 4 for key partners and advisors.

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